Our Services

Based on the combined experience of its two principals, Gooding Davies Consultancy offers a wide range of independent and innovative services to councils, the community, government and corporate sectors:

Advocacy, Consultation and Research

  • Focused research on and detailed analysis of demographic, planning, transport and other issues affecting your organisation
  • Conduct of forums, meetings, workshops, interviews and other forms of consultation
  • Preparation of written reports, from one-page briefs through to comprehensive policy submissions
  • Representations to all levels of government on key issues affecting your organisation, council or community
  • Development of advocacy campaigns and preparation of media releases

Strategic Planning and Policy Development

  • Analysis of current and draft legislation and policies and the implications for your organisation or community
  • Reviews of Government and other strategy proposals in key areas including planning, transport, social and other infrastructure, employment and the environment and their impacts at the local, regional or State level
  • Development of independent and focussed strategies and policy proposals regarding issues affecting your community, council or region

Organisation Development and Management

  • Reviews of your organisation’s goals, structure and strategic plans
  • Facilitation of goal-setting, planning and review workshops to help your organisation
  • Assistance in developing your organisation’s management policies and strategic plans
  • Development of management systems for your organisation including records, correspondence, budget systems and software templates
  • Provision of locum management and other services, especially for Councils and non-profit organisations, to fill temporary vacancies

Expert Advice and Project Management

  • Development of project proposals and submissions in consultation with your company or organisation
  • Assistance in managing your project from inception to completion and in reviewing your project’s progress
  • Implementation of MindManager and other ideas/mind mapping software applications to review, support and streamline organisation and project management