NSW High-Speed Rail: following Victoria’s example?

The announcement in December 2018 by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian that the NSW government “would start work on a fast rail network in the next term of government” was received with a degree of cynicism, given its proximity to the 2019 state election and a history of failed high speed rail plans and strategies. However, there are some elements of the announcement which are worth exploring. One stands out – the similarities of the NSW initiative with the successful regional rail strategy adopted by the Victorian government.

A recent analysis by Alex Gooding on the Gooding Davies Consultancy Strategic Matters blog considers the implications of the NSW announcement and the history of Victoria’s successful V/Line strategy and the recent Regional Rail Revival Program. The conclusion – while NSW presents more complex challenges than its southern neighbour, whichever party forms government after the state election should follow Victoria’s lead in making a medium-term investment in moderately fast trains.

Gooding Davies Consultancy can provide assessments and reviews of strategic plans and proposals in key areas including planning, transport, social and other infrastructure, employment and the environment ,as well as their potential impacts at the local, regional or State level. Please contact us for more information.

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Sociamind blog explores how you can get the best out of MindManager

Mind maps provide an attractive and practical way to organise information visually. They can be drawn by hand, but the availability of mind mapping software programs has vastly increased their value and utility.  Mind mapping software can be used for brainstorming, strategic planning, project management, research, data analysis, report writing, website design and tender documentation preparation and review, just to name a few of the hundreds of potential applications.

Gooding Davies Consultancy offers a range of services relating to mind mapping. A free component of these services is the publication on our Sociamind blog of articles with practical advice, reviews of and tips on mind mapping applications and in particular MindManager, which is considered by many to be the leading program in this area. You can explore these articles directly via the blog or use our new interactive map to find specific articles by category and feature.

If you would like to obtain professional advice on how mind mapping could help your organisation, have a general query about mind mapping programs or are interested in training on the use of MindManager software, please contact us.

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New report explores Local Government’s international relationships


Sister Cities report coverA new report, Sister Cities and International Alliances, has been published by the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG). The report which was co-authored by GDC Director Alex Gooding provides an overview of Australian local government international and sister city relationships. It includes a literature review, a quantitative Australian-wide survey, case studies, and guided discussions with stakeholders. The report describes Australian local government engagement in international relationships, assesses their value to Australian councils and communities, and attempts to provide practical guidance for councils interested in establishing or expanding such relationships.

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Indexes and statistical summaries for GDC blogs

The last posts added for 2015 in both the StrategicMatters and Sociamind blogs provide a statistical overview of each blog and an index of 2015 posts. Both blogs have had their busiest year since they were established, with each receiving well over 2,000 visitors. These posts also discuss the future direction of each blog.

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The Strategic Week commences

Welcome to a new service on the Gooding Davies Consultancy StrategicMatters blog –  – the Strategic Week (TSW), a short summary of the some of the week’s key developments in governance, planning, infrastructure and transport.

The intention is not only to take a weekly snapshot of the main events across these key strategic policy areas but also to provide a sense of how they relate to each other and how they are – or are not – working together. TSW will provide a quick summary of each event or story along with relevant links, especially to the original media statements and reports where these are available. Commentary (identified as such) will be added from time to time to some and more detailed articles on specific issues will continue to appear on the blog.

Three editions of TSW have appeared so far in 2015  and it will reappear in early January 2016. The format of TSW is likely to change further over time as it is fine-tuned. TSW will be trialled for the first half of 2016 and then reviewed.

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Welcome to GDC News

Welcome to a new feature on our website: GDC News. While we’re still maintaining our blogs, StrategicMatters and Sociamind, we’ll be using this page to post the latest news about Gooding Davies Consultancy’s activities and projects as well as relevant developments in all the areas we’re interested in. Please bookmark this page and return here often for news updates.

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