Sociamind blog explores how you can get the best out of MindManager

Mind maps provide an attractive and practical way to organise information visually. They can be drawn by hand, but the availability of mind mapping software programs has vastly increased their value and utility.  Mind mapping software can be used for brainstorming, strategic planning, project management, research, data analysis, report writing, website design and tender documentation preparation and review, just to name a few of the hundreds of potential applications.

Gooding Davies Consultancy offers a range of services relating to mind mapping. A free component of these services is the publication on our Sociamind blog of articles with practical advice, reviews of and tips on mind mapping applications and in particular MindManager, which is considered by many to be the leading program in this area. You can explore these articles directly via the blog or use our new interactive map to find specific articles by category and feature.

If you would like to obtain professional advice on how mind mapping could help your organisation, have a general query about mind mapping programs or are interested in training on the use of MindManager software, please contact us.

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